Nokia Q&A Series On Lumia 900 Windows Phone – Tethering, GLONASS Support And More

Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia recently launched a small Q&A series over at the Nokia Connects website with the Nokia 808 PureView as the first topic. This time around, for their second featured product, is the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone. Plenty of great questions and plenty of honest answers from Nokia. Some great questions we enjoyed the answers to were GLONASS support, gorilla glass … [Read more...]

Native Panorama Camera Mode ‘On It’s Way’ To Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone


Damian Dinning, head of imaging experience for Nokia devices, has confirmed via a small Twitter request that a panorama mode will soon be available natively on the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone. In the exact words of Dinning, "[the feature is] on it's way." There are already several great panorama picture applications on the Windows Phone marketplace which help put together … [Read more...]

Deal: Castle Telecom Free Vodafone Nokia Lumia 800 With Monthly Discounts


Looking to 1-up the Telenet €1 price tag on the Nokia Lumia 800, Castle Telecom is offering the Nokia Lumia 800 free with any Vodafone plan offered, and in all colors (of your choosing). For a limited time, customers can purchase the Lumia 800 Windows Phone through Castle Telecom for free, with provider Vodafone, available in black, cyan, white, and magenta, and even a discount … [Read more...]

Deal: Up To €498 Off With Telenet Nokia Lumia 800 Purchase

Nokia Lumia 800

Belgium carrier Telenet is offering a range of discounts, based on contract chosen, on the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone. The phone is only available in black for purchase through Telenet. Regular price of the Lumia 800 is €499, but the deals offered allow you to purchase the device in prices ranging from €450 to only €1. The deals with accompanying plans are as … [Read more...]

Deal: NZ Telecom Nokia Lumia 800 And Lumia 710 $0 Upfront


In some special offers spotted on the New Zealand Telecom website, customers can grab the Nokia Lumia 800 or Lumia 710 for $0 upfront. Of course, you want to know about the fine print, as easily shown on the special offers page to avoid any confusion. Customers can purchase the Nokia Lumia 800 for $0 upfront with sign up to a Talk & Text Anytime or Smartphone $80 plan or … [Read more...]