LG E900 Optimus 7 Gets Snapped In The Wild, C900 Pacific Gets FCC Approval


LG's steadfast march to be the first on the block with handets for Windows Phone 7 continues, and every day we're getting bits of more information. This shot of the E900 Optimus 7 (via WMPU) was leaked by an official Dutch Windows Phone twitter account, which has now been closed. That's a much prettier picture than the previous one. The LG C900 Pacific has just gone … [Read more...]

LG C900 To Be Called Pacific, E900 The Optimus 7?

The LG C900 and E900 have both been spotted in the wild, and we're slowly learning more about them, but a major problem remains: their name. C900 and E900 are both...inelegant. We're starting to hear rumors about what these will actually be called when they hit the marked. The E900 is currently being bandied about ast the Optimus 7, though I've not see hide nor hair of Optimus … [Read more...]

LG C900 Pegged For September 28 Release Date?

The Bluetooth SIG has a nasty habit of revealing details about phones before the manufacturers are ready to do so, and have just put out some info about the LC C900: This end product is called LG-C900N, LG-C900k, LG-C900B, which is a kind of 3G celluar phone. The supporting features related to BT of this models are like bellows; - RF : 2.1 + EDR - Profile : HSP, HFP, A2DP, … [Read more...]

LG E900 Recorded, Blurrily

Last week we reported about the LG C900, a new WP7 phone headed to AT&T. It turns out there's a sister model, one without a slider, which was captured in the video above. We really know very little about this machine, I assume it's going to AT&T. We would probably know more if the guy taking the video was capable of using the focus on the camera. 6:20 of blur, not very … [Read more...]

LG First For Windows Phone 7

LG is obviously throwing their weight pretty seriously behind WP7, and in an interview with Korean paper the MK Business News they expressed just how much. The manufacturer promised to have the first WP7 phones when the OS launches later this year, beating out Samsung, HTC, Dell, ASUS and others. LG seems confident of the success of WP7, a high official reportedly stating … [Read more...]