LG Optimus 7 To Give Away Free Apps

This raises the stakes a little. LG has just announced that if you pick up the Optimus 7 handset, every two months you'll get to download more than $30 worth of apps for free. Ten free apps every 60 days via the LG application store. We don't know how good these apps will be, and we assume they won't expire when that time is up, but hey, that's a pretty freaking good deal on … [Read more...]

Pitting The Screens of the Samsung Omnia 7 and LG Optimus 7 Against Each Other


OLED-Display have done a head to head comparison of the Omnia 7 and Optimus 7, pitting the former's 4-inch Super-AMOLED against the latter's LCD-TFT screen. Their takeaway? Super-Amoled has a much better contrast ratio, better colours, and is much better in direct sunlight. Microsoft want Amoled for all Windows-Phone-7 smartphones but the OLED demand at the moment is to … [Read more...]

LG Unveils Optimus 7, Optimus 7Q


LG has officially unveiled two of its Windows Phone 7 handsets, the heavily leaked Optimus 7, and the decidedly chunky Optimus 7Q. The Optimus 7 has a 3.8-inch screen, 5MP camera, and 16GB of internal memory. The 7Q has a slightly smaller 3.5-inch screen, a slide out QWERTY keyboard, and is otherwise identical. Full press releases follow: … [Read more...]

LG Optimus 7 Officially Breaks Cover, Gets Pulled


LG UK jumped the gun slightly on the WP7 release, unveiling the Optimus 7/E900 before they were meant to on their official blog, and then quickly pulling it. Luckily, this is the internet, so nothing ever gets truly deleted. Here are the official stats, which are more or less in keeping with what we had heard about the device: Specifications: 125 x 59.8 x 11.5mm 3.8” … [Read more...]