Lenovo negotiating with Microsoft to join Windows Phone market with UI customization access


It is no surprise, to us at least, that Lenovo is now heavily interested in joining the Windows Phone world with the announcement of Windows Phone 8. Lenovo devices running the Windows Phone OS have previously been confirmed and leaked at different points in the past year or so. It seems Lenovo is finally unofficially showing that they do want to make Windows Phones however, … [Read more...]

Leaked Lenovo Windows Phone Is Real And Due In Second Half of 2012


After at least a year of speculation and rumor mill churning, the leaked Lenovo "S2" device has finally been confirmed by Lenovo’s LePhone Product Manager, Yue Chen. In a short but informative interview with iMobile this past Tuesday, Chen told reporters the Lenovo S2 has a clear timetable for 2012 and the rumors are all true. Yue Chen gave some specifics and details on the … [Read more...]