Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two On Close-Out at Amazon


Now that the fate of the KIN has been determined, steps are being taken by retailers to clear inventory. Look no further than Amazon and you'll see the KIN One and KIN Two are available for $199 and $299 without a contract. The pair appear in Amazon's Close-Out Deals. With their fate sealed, we cannot recommend anyone pick up either of these unless they want an ever so … [Read more...]

Microsoft Kills Kin

The short lived life of the Microsoft Kin is now officially over per an official statement from the company. Designed for kids, the Kin was the anti-smartphone that packed a smartphone priced data plan. Despite a fairly decent sized marketing campaign, the Kin just never took. This frees up the Kin team to work on Windows Phone 7. Some features, such as the effortless storing … [Read more...]

KIN Media Sync for Mac, now available from Mark/Space


At some point, we're hoping Microsoft gets the message that plenty of Mac users would like to use the Zune HD, the new KIN phone and upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices on their Mac. Thankfully, Mark/Space has partnered with Microsoft on a solution for KIN phones. Mark/Space has let us know that KIN Media Sync is available, offering KIN owners the ability to sync music, photos and … [Read more...]

Downloadable Apps Coming To KIN, Microsoft and Verizon Defend Pricing

The KIN has been the subject of sharp criticism for it's quasi smartphone positioning. It's not a feature phone, but it's not a smartphone. Right now, it's positioned as a social networking phone. Sensing the criticism, Microsoft and Verizon defended the KIN and in doing so, provided some interesing information on the future of the platform. Once Windows 7 Phone is released, … [Read more...]