ChevronWP7 Will Not Work On Next Version Of Windows Phone 7

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ChevronWP7 developer Chris Walsh, who is currently having a nice fireside chat with Microsoft about jailbreaking and app development, as confirmed that ChevronWP7 will not work on the next update for WP7. The minor update, known as NoDo is rumored to bring copy and paste as well as minor other bug fixes — including the death of Chevron. Over Twitter, Walsh retweeted what a … [Read more...]

Microsoft Invites Geohot, Jailbreak Extraordinaire To Develop for WP7

Jailbreak Geohot Windows Phone 7

Microsoft just concluded their meeting with the developers behind ChevronWP7 where they showed us they have a sense of humor, offering the devs a lousy t-shirt for their efforts. In a curious move, Brandon Watson has reached out to George Hotz a.k.a. Geohot (via Twitter) inviting the jailbreaking legend to "build cool stuff on WP7".  Geohot is well known as the man to jailbreak … [Read more...]

Lousy T-Shirt


Say this for the Windows Phone 7 team, they have one helluva sense of humor. Check out the t-shirts handed out the developers behind ChevronWP7. In case you missed our story yesterday, the developers from ChevronWP7 are meeting today with the Windows Phone 7 team to discuss the future of homebrew. Interesting that they used the term "jailbreak" on the shirts. via I … [Read more...]

ChevronWP7 Devs To Meet With Microsoft Regarding Homebrew

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Back in early December, the developers behind ChevronWP7, agreed to remove the unlocking/jailbreaking app that allowed for sideloading apps. At that time, the developers of ChevronWP7 issued this statement: Through this discussion, we established a mutual understanding of our intent to enable homebrew opportunities and to open the Windows Phone 7 platform for broader … [Read more...]