iOS and Android Users Offered Opportunity To Test Drive Windows Phone

Windows Phone demo

Microsoft has come up with a great demonstration of Windows Phone, accessible from any web browser. This of course means that anyone using an iOS or Android device, can test drive Windows Phone by simply firing up their web browser and visitingĀ   The only trouble with this equation is awareness. Share this post with your friends and family. Let … [Read more...]

Microsoft Releases Photosynth for iOS, Windows Phone 7 Verison Still MIA


Microsoft's new Photosynth app is all kinds of awesome. It allows you to create an amazing 360 degree panorama using shots taken from your camera, if your camera is on an iOS device. It's hard to argue with the large iOS audience, but we're just a tad bit surprised that Microsoft chose not to do a joint release with WP7. It's not clear when the WP7 app will be made … [Read more...]