The Touch Gestures Of Windows Phone 7


PocketNow has pulled together a list of all the gestures you're going to see in the new Windows Phone OS. There's nothing particularly surprising in the list, but it is good to know that you're not going to have to a Vulcan nerve pinch on the screen or anything. In addition to pinch, stretch, and rotate, the gestures that only require a single finger are: 1. the┬áTap which we … [Read more...]

Windows Series 7 Interface, Mystery Phone Leak


Less than an hour away from Microsoft's event at MWC, but it images are coming out from a banner that show the interface for Windows Mobile 7 and a possible new device. The interface shows boxes displaying missed calls, texts and emails. There is also what appears to be Facebook integration in the top right of the interface. The new Windows Series 7 devices appear to have some … [Read more...]

Windows Mobile 7 Details

The next big mobile conference is Mobile World Congress and there is some exciting news related to Windows Mobile 7. There have been plenty of rumors and today we get some very interesting information courtesy of PPCGeeks. Windows Phone 7 will be unveilved at Mobile World Congress on February 15th and you can expect to see the user interface of the new platform, but not … [Read more...]