Nokia, Huawei, Samsung, And HTC Will Release First Windows Phone 8 Devices


The big four Windows Phone manufacturers to introduce the first Windows Phone 8 devices later this year have now been named. Qualcomm processors have already been certified and confirmed to be installed on all Windows Phone 8 devices, for the moment, we know that already. The big four manufacturers to release the first Windows Phone 8 devices are Nokia, Huawei, Samsung, and … [Read more...]

Huawei Finally Working On Windows Phone Devices To Release In 2012


Ever since the announced partnership plans between Huawei and Microsoft, Huawei has long been missing in the Windows world. The partnership did go through back in the end of 2011, but Huawei has yet to mention any Windows device plans. According to WPDang, Huawei finally has a team working on some Windows devices to release by the end of 2012. Huawei has also been occupied … [Read more...]

Huawei Seeking Microsoft Windows Phone Partnership

In an interview with,┬áVictor Xu, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Huawei, revealed that they are actively working to establish a partnership with Microsoft. The partnership talk also includes the possibility of integrating NFC technology into devices. At the moment, Huawei is launching their first high-end smartphone later this year. The smartphone is Android … [Read more...]