AT&T Windows Phone 7 Ads Are Adorable

AT&T has put out a couple of TV spots for two of their WP7 handsets, marking the first ads we've seen that have actually focused on the individual models and their strengths, rather than the platform as a whole. What can I say, the CG monsters are freaking adorable! Well done, AT&T, and I can't wait to see more! As a bonus, here's a Facebook video the company made … [Read more...]

The Great Windows Phone 7 microSD Kerfuffle

Keystone cops

There's been plenty said about the expandable storage on some of the new Windows Phone 7 devices. For those of you that picked up a Samsung Focus yesterday, there is no secret location to expand your memory from the paltry 8GB that comes standard. In fact, page 1 of the Quickstart guide shows you how to insert more memory. There was more confusion yesterday when apparently … [Read more...]

Best Buy Stocks HTC Surround, Where is the Samsung Focus?

Best Buy HTC Surround

If you're like me, you're plotting your place of purchase of your new Windows Phone 7 device on Monday. According to my local Best Buy (your mileage might vary), they won't have stock of the Samsung Focus on Monday. They are taking pre-orders for the HTC Surround, also an AT&T phone. If you visit Best Buy's website, you'll see the HTC Surround listed, but the Samsung Focus … [Read more...]

Telus To Offer Windows Phone 7 Starting November 8th

Telus Windows Phone 7

For those of you in Canada, Telus announced the availability of Windows Phone 7 starting on November 8th. Telus customers will be able to purchase either the HTC Surround or the LG Optimus 7. Both will be priced at $99 with a 3-year agreement. via Digital Home … [Read more...]

AT&T Reminds Us, Samsung Focus & HTC Surround Available November 8th

HTC Surround and Samsung Focus

Just in case it had slipped our mind(s), AT&T today let us know that both the Samsung Focus and HTC Surround will be available starting on November 8th. The LG Quantum will be available shortly thereafter. Both the Focus and Surround will retail for $199.99 after a 2-year agreement. Full presser after the break. … [Read more...]