Two HTC Windows Phone 7 Phones Pass Through the FCC

HTC Windows Phone 7

There have been plenty of rumors surrounding HTC Windows 7 Phones and it looks like two of them just received the FCC's blessing, the step necessary for sale in the US. It's not clear from the reports if these HTC phones are the HTC HD7, HTC Spark, HTC Mondrian or HTC Surround. Next week's Windows Phone 7 launch party should help clear things up, at least we hope … [Read more...]

HTC Spark Images Show Up


The image leaks continue to come, thick and fast. Now we have shots of the HTC Spark, which may or may not be the same as the HTC Mondrian. No other additional details, just that a hardware tester got hold of it, and promptly leaked like the Titanic. Most of the images are borked at the original link, but Engadget has them on their site, too. … [Read more...]

And Now The HTC 7 Trophy Specs Kick In

Screen shot 2010-09-24 at 8.11.13 AM

Just yesterday I was posting that I was bewildered by what handsets HTC's producing, how they differ, and what are just different names for the same thing. Well, this helps clear things up a little, the full European specs for the HTC 7 Trophy, also known as the HTC Spark. While it's currently only shown to run on European networks, we hope that a US version is in the … [Read more...]

HTC Spark Specs, And Schubert Is Mozart


Twitter user XMoo has posted a flurry of leaks about upcoming HTC WM7 phones. The veracity of these is up for debate, but they're worth looking at. Firstly, he claims that this is the spec sheet for the HTC Spark, but, as WMPU points out the hardware buttons don't match the current requirements of a WP7 phone, and the internal memory is on the small side. He also … [Read more...]