HTC HD7 Gets Sold, Unboxed Early

Officially, the HTC HD7 from T-Mobile doesn't go on sale until Monday. It appears one retailer jumped the gun, selling the still unreleased HTC HD7 to the lucky dogs at Windows Phone Nation. They proceeded to provide us with an unboxing video a full three days before the release. via WMPU … [Read more...]

Poll: Which Windows Phone 7 phone are you buying?

You've had an eternity to think about it, but the day is finally coming on Monday when Windows Phone 7 goes on sale through both AT&T and T-Mobile. So, we put the question to you, which Windows Phone are you buying on Monday? Please feel free to use the comments or our Windows Phone forums to let us know what has impacted your decision. Which Windows Phone are you … [Read more...]

Check Out The HTC HD7’s MicroSD Slot


Arne Hess of The Unwired tweeted this shot showing the internals of his HTC HD7, which shows the device's MicroSD slot. It's our understanding that it's possible to swap out an old microSD card for a newer, bigger one, but you have to perform a factory reset afterwards in order to let the phone use it. So yes, it is user expandable, but you can't just throw things on and off … [Read more...]

Amazon Offering HTC HD7 Pre-Order


Amazon Wireless is offering a pre-order on the HTC HD7 with T-Mobile service for $169.99. In addition, they are waiving the activation fee. Shipping is listed as 8-9 days, so where guessing that's based on the November 8th release date. You'll save a few dollars, but it's not clear if there is any guarantee you'll receive your new HTC HD7 on November 8th. If it were us, we'd … [Read more...]

Is the HTC HD7 Release on T-Mobile Later Than November 8th?

HTC HD7 release date

Just yesterday, Tim reported that T-Mobile tweeted plans for a November 8th release of the HTC HD7. November 8th being the first day of US sales for Windows Phone 7. That date is now thrown into question upon seeing an official tweet from @WindowsPhone. They say AT&T will see Windows Phone 7 on November 8th, but the T-Mobile release will come later. Somebody's got the wrong … [Read more...]