$25 Amazon Gift Card With Purchase Of Windows Phone


As if Amazon Wireless selling Windows Phone devices for pennies wasn't enough, now they give you a $25 gift card for purchasing a new one! From May 30, 2011 to June 30, 2011 you will receive a $25 Gift Card code for your Windows Phone purchase via Amazon Wireless. Most Windows Phone devices available on Amazon Wireless are already listed at a price of $0.01 (with new 2-year … [Read more...]

How to install the NoDo update to your Windows Phone 7 device

Windows Phone 7 February Update

With the NoDo update  now available for both the Samsung Focus and LG Quantum, you are going to want to update your Windows Phone 7 device to the latest and greatest. If you have questions, we've got you covered with this quick tutorial on how to update your Windows Phone 7 device. … [Read more...]

AT&T Releases HTC HD7S


AT&T has just announced that they'll be selling the HTC HD7S, which appears to be the same as the already available T-Mobile HTC HD7, just with a bit more S I suppose. It's the same 4.3-inch screen, 1GHz processor, 5MP camera, and whatnot — and it'll have copy and paste. It really is just the HD7 but on a different network — which is to say the same network now that … [Read more...]

Tiger Wireless Offers HTC HD7 On T-Mobile For $9.99


There are plenty of deals at the moment all over the Internet on Windows Phone 7 devices. Here, we have the HTC HD7 for T-Mobile provided by Tiger Wireless (Tigerdirect.com). You can purchase the HTC HD7 for a price of $9.99 for a new T-Mobile account. The purchase also includes free standard shipping via FedEx. The normal value of the HTC HD7 on a new contract is $499.99 so … [Read more...]