Have A Child With A Windows Phone? Get Started With Some Parental Control


Over on the Windows Phone Blog,¬†Jac Fitzgerald gave a brief instructional¬†on establishing some Parental Controls for your kid on the Windows Phone. You can even go through the process before making the Windows Phone purchase. We will break down the essentials below, but be sure to check out the full post if necessary. To begin, make a child account for your...well, child. … [Read more...]

Google Calendar Now Supports Syncing With Windows Phone

Google has added support for syncing up to 25 calendars with Windows Phone 7.5 devices. Simply visit m.google.com/sync from your Windows Phone to start what is a very easy process. Select your device, the calendars you'd like to sync and then save. Within a half hour, all of your appointments and events from Google Calendar will show up on your Windows Phone. As an added bonus, … [Read more...]

How To Restore Your Missing SkyDrive Files On Windows Phone

With the recent SkyDrive changes that took place on the eve of December 2, some users came to realize their SkyDrive files weren't showing up in their Office Hub on their Windows Phone devices. Most users realized such an issue through way of a message telling them their files were deleted or couldn't be downloaded. Michael Stroh over at the Windows Phone Blog assures all users … [Read more...]

Windows Phone Blog Visual Guide On Custom Ringtones

We'll keep this post short and to the point just like they did over at the Windows Phone Blog; With the release of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, as many of you know, you can now create and use custom ringtones on your Windows Phone. Below is a visual guide provided by Microsoft, along with two great links you must check out before even thinking about adding a custom ringtone to your … [Read more...]

Quick Guide: How to create a transparent lockscreen

Transparent homescreen image

Thanks to the great work done by dannahan in our Windows Phone forums, we bring you the transparent lockscreen tutorial. Create an image with a transparent background in the image editor of your choice. Save it with transparency as a .PNG file. Email that file to the account you have on your Windows Phone. Open the email, tap the ellipses (...) and select "Use … [Read more...]