How To Enable EDGE On The Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone

Yes, the Nokia Lumia 900 is the first 4G LTE Windows Phone available anywhere, but many will soon realize that faster data speeds do bring consequences. How to deal with these consequences when relying on 4G LTE connectivity? Read on and find out. Specifically, 4G LTE data means you will use your phone longer and your battery will drain much quicker than ever before. Slower … [Read more...]

How To Enable AT&T Visual Voicemail On Your Windows Phone

The Windows Phone Mango update introduced visual voicemail, however, many are left dumbfounded upon reception of the update or even their new 4G LTE Windows Phone. The reason you have yet to see visual voicemail on an AT&T Windows Phone is because someone decided it was a genius idea to apparently tie the feature to your AT&T data plan. However, as usual the Internet … [Read more...]

How To Bring Back Windows Phone Marketplace On Zune


Before you continue reading, we warn you this how-to involves quite a bit of PC knowledge, and a registry editor. Well, that was fast, after Microsoft recently completely removed the Windows Phone marketplace browser from the Zune program, users have already figured out some registry edits to get it back. Initially, practically on the day of the removal, users had a rougher … [Read more...]

How To Transfer Applications, Contacts, Email, And Media To Your New Windows Phone


Windows Phone Blog has done it again, this time Michael Stroh helps us smooth out the process of moving content from one Windows Phone to another. We will get right to the dirty work, just continue reading for the quick and easy instructions we have provided. Things To Know When you purchase your new Windows Phone, the store can often transfer all your content for you, … [Read more...]

Nokia Connects Provides 5 Step Infographic On Saving A Wet Phone


If it has never happened to you, knock on wood, because for many getting their phone wet is something that has happened at least once. Whether you are on the beach and make a Baywatch run for the water and forget your phone is still on you, or you simply drop it in the pool at that crazy backyard party - it has happened to someone at least once. Nokia Connects has provided a 5 … [Read more...]