Windows Phone 7 To Be GSM For 2010, No Sprint or Verizon Til Next Year

We just heard that Verizon won't be getting any WP7 handsets this year, but they're not the only ones. Windows Phone 7 will be strictly GSM for the first months of its existence, according to CNet, which means no Sprint, either — you'll be limited to either AT&T or T-Mobile. Why? "We had to make some trade-offs," senior product manager Greg Sullivan told CNET today. "Even … [Read more...]

Motorola Q 9e Unlocked Now Available

Motorola has released yet another iteration of their Moto Q9 series. The Moto Q 9e, available direct through Motorola's online store, in effect is an unlocked Moto Q 9h sans 3G. Nothing much new to see here. The Moto Q 9e retails for $499. It's unlocked and will allow you to use any SIM card. In the US, the Moto Q 9e is compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile. Motorola is … [Read more...]

Motorola Introduces MotoQ GSM

Motorola todday announced a GSM version of their popular MotoQ smartphone. The new MotoQ GSM will be available in the second half of 2007. Today's users are looking for mobility to give them the best combination of style, voice, messaging and entertainment and the Motorola Q delivers. The world's thinnest QWERTY, the Motorola Q changes the playing field for mobile devices by … [Read more...]

Motorola To Launch GSM Version Of Moto Q

According to Reuters UK, a Motorola spokesperson was quoted in the Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat saying "the company would soon launch a GSM version of its Moto Q enterprise handset". Last month, we reported that Sprint would release a CDMA based Moto Q in the coming months. GSM is the predominant technology in Europe, so it was critical for Motorola to deliver a GSM … [Read more...]

GSM Version of Moto Q Coming

According to Ron Garriques of Motorola, there will be a UTMS capable Q coming by the end of the year. Verizon currently has a 6 month exclusive on the Q. Garriques went on to say that, "noted that initial sales of Q are ramping strongly and running at a similar rate as the initial run-rate of RAZR. In addition, he expects the subsidized price of Q (from carriers) to decline … [Read more...]