Asus E600 Passes FCC, Gets Ready For Windows Phone 7


Asus is one of the WP7 partners that we've heard the least from, as the company had nothing to show at the launch of Microsoft's mobile platform — even though they were the manufacturers of the first prototypes for the OS. The Asus E600 has just passed through the FCC, and it looks like it'll be landing on AT&T. PhoneArena poured over the details, and it looks like it'll … [Read more...]

Motorola, Asus Get In On Windows Phone 7


Motorola will probably be making a device for Windows Phone 7, despite Microsoft filing a patent lawsuit against the hardware manufacturer. Motorola is on board, as long as the OS is "compelling," which it certainly looks to be. Motorola aren't the only ones thinking of leaping on board, Garmin-Asus has confirmed that in addition to working on Android smartphones, they have … [Read more...]