Deal of the Week: Monster Island on sale for $0.99


It's been a while since we've seen a Deal of the Week at all, after the late appearance last week. Even more so, it's been a while since we've seen a Deal of the Week where the price drop consists of more than $1.00. That's the case this week with Monster Island, the Deal of the Week until Tuesday, September 18, 2012 for only $0.99. That means you get a whole $2.00 off the … [Read more...]

Crimson Dragon: Side Story now available on Windows Phone Marketplace


Yet another Xbox 360 Xbox LIVE Arcade title makes it to the Windows Phone this week. This time, the Windows Phone version of Crimson Dragon is now available to download (and purchase), titled Crimson Dragon: Side Story. Overall, the Crimson Dragon games are a nod to SEGA's Panzer Dragoon franchise. With the Windows Phone version of the game, as the title implies, you experience … [Read more...]

Deal of the Week: Fusion: Sentient on sale for $1.99


It has been a good two or three weeks since we haven't had a Deal of the Week on the Windows Phone. To our surprise, it seems that early this morning Microsoft decided to add a Deal of the Week. Even more surprising, is the exact game that is the Deal of the Week, Fusion: Sentient. Now, while Fusion: Sentient has always been a great game on the Windows Phone platform, it has … [Read more...]

Galaga Legions DX now available on Windows Phone Marketplace


With the Nokia event today in New York City taking place, it is no surprise if some of you forgot that they is a new Xbox Windows Phone release today. Unfortunately, Microsoft is sticking through with their disappearance of the Windows Phone Deal of the Week, but the good news is that Galaga Legions DX is now available to download. We took the game for a short run through … [Read more...]

Roll In The Hole now available on Windows Phone Marketplace


This week we see the release of Roll In The Hole on the Windows Phone Marketplace. Looks like Microsoft is content with the new games icon re-branding we mentioned last week, as this week's game also carries the fresh new green "Xbox Windows Phone" badge. Roll In The Hole is published by Electronic Arts, released as version, and has a download size of 15 MB. … [Read more...]