Mush now available on Windows Phone marketplace


One of the titles that showed up during E3 2012 for Xbox LIVE on the Windows Phone, Mush, is now available on the marketplace. Mush is definitely a unique and interesting side-scrolling title now available on the Windows Phone. Playing through the free Xbox LIVE trial of Mush on the Windows Phone, the story seems to follow with a big high-and-go-seek game where you are finding … [Read more...]

Monster Island Now Available On Windows Phone Marketplace


After the two week streak of Sid Meier's Windows Phone releases, this week we have something new with Monster Island now available. The Xbox LIVE game is based on the traditional style Fragger and Worms games, where you must launch objects at enemies and wipe them off the map by any means. With Monster Island, you play through five different worlds, each involving hundreds of … [Read more...]

Sid Meier’s Pirates Now Available On Windows Phone Marketplace


With the release of Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution last week, this week Sid Meier's Pirates is now available on the Windows Phone marketplace. With surprise to many, the reviews on the marketplace so far have been very positive, especially highlighting the great graphics and controls. Once again, 2K has done an excellent job bringing both Civilization Revolution, and now … [Read more...]

Civilization Revolution Now Available On Windows Phone Marketplace


Are you surprised this simple yet addictive strategy game has made it to the Windows Phone? We're not (we also kind of knew about it already), and 2K has done a perfect job bringing this game to the Windows Phone. Civilization Revolution is now available on the Windows Phone marketplace for a surprisingly low price of $2.99. The Xbox LIVE game is published by 2K, downloads for … [Read more...]

Rovio CEO: Angry Birds Space Is Coming To Windows Phone


The newly released Angry Birds Space game is in fact coming to Windows Phone, as stated by Rovio CEO Mikael Hed in an interview with Reuters. Earlier media reports did receive information from another Rovio employee that the gaming firm was dumping the Windows Phone platform with Angry Birds Space, but that's not the case at all. The newly spaced out addition to the well known … [Read more...]