HTC 7 Pro Receives FCC Approval

HTC 7 Pro

The HTC 7 Pro has passed through the FCC, so it's ready to roll. Now we have to wait on Sprint who will be the first CDMA carrier of Windows Phone 7. No word yet from Verizon on when they'll release a new Windows Phone. As soon as we get word from Sprint on a possible release date, we'll pass it along. This approval is certainly encouraging. HTC 7 Pro forums via Engadget … [Read more...]

Sharp PB20ZU Receives FCC Approval, Possibly ‘Pure’ from Microsoft’s Project Pink

Sharp's PB20ZU has received approval from the FCC, the process every device must go through before it can be sold to consumers. According to Engadget, the PB20ZU comes days after they spotted the PB10ZU. The tiny print on the documents detail a landscape QWERTY keyboard, which is what was rumored for the Pure. The phone above is CDMA, so if and when it lands in the US, … [Read more...]

Mysterious Motorola QA4 Halo Passes Through FCC

A new model, the Motorola QA4 Halo, has just received FCC approval. The Moto QA4 is a CDMA phone, so it could be heading to either Verizon or Sprint. It does not appear as if this is a Windows Mobile based smartphone. There are no photos of the device, but we do have preliminary specfications and some good looking screenshots. Intuitive User Interface: No hidden menus, … [Read more...]