Editorial: Will poor marketing doom Windows Phone?

Ballmer Windows Phone

Next month, it will be a year since Steve Ballmer stood in front of a table of new Windows Phone 7 devices. Phones from HTC, Samsung, LG and Dell were all accounted for and would be released in the months to follow. To this day, you'd be hardpressed to pick a winner from that group, although most would likely say it's the Samsung Focus. Campaigns for that phone were minimal and … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Needs A Flagship Phone

In early October, Microsoft had a big launch party in NYC. Steve Ballmer was on the Today Show and the coming out party for Windows Phone 7 was underway. This was more announcement party than launch party, since the phones weren’t available initially. That would come a month later or in the case of the Dell Venue, TBD. There were no lines to speak of, unless you count the few … [Read more...]