Microsoft Announces Xbox SmartGlass – Your Windows Phone Will Become An Additional Screen


At E3 2012, Microsoft announced a new additional screen technology by the name of Xbox SmartGlass. The technology is based on the idea of being able to use the tablet and smartphone "you already own" to extend your Xbox 360 viewing experience. Of course, Windows Phone is a Microsoft product and will be heavily involved in all the features Xbox SmartGlass will bring to the … [Read more...]

Xbox LIVE Games Shoot 1UP, Mush, And Ascend: New Gods Coming Soon To Windows Phone


Three new Xbox LIVE Windows Phone games have been revealed in the midst of E3 2012; Shoot 1UP, Mush, and Ascend: New Gods are all coming soon to Windows Phone. We have some information on each one below, along with some gameplay hands on. No information on release dates yet, but as soon as they come up we will provide them. Up first, Mush is published by Microsoft Studios … [Read more...]

Zune Is Now Xbox Music – Coming Soon To Your Windows Phone


It is time to finally say goodbye to Zune entirely as a brand, music platform, service, you name it. Microsoft officially announced at E3 2012 that Zune will take form as the all-new music service, Xbox Music. This move by Microsoft not only brings a rebrand of Zune to Xbox Music, but the interface will dramatically change to bring a much better experience to the Xbox 360, … [Read more...]