Unannounced Mango Features Flood In After Developer Tools Release


After the Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 Beta was released yesterday, we expected nothing less than for both developers and aficionados alike to get their hands on the emulator and find unannounced features. Yes, first of all the developer tools beta does state it is Windows Phone 7.1, but that's only temporary, Windows Phone 7.5 is the codenamed Mango update coming later … [Read more...]

Microsoft To Release Mango To Developers Before Official Launch


Microsoft has revealed to WinRumors, both verbally and via Twitter that, that they do plan on releasing Mango to developers before the official launch. Specifically, they said it would be available to developers in about four weeks time. Developers will be able to load the Mango update right onto their retail devices. The information was given to WinRumors by¬†Achim Berg, … [Read more...]

Microsoft Improving Marketplace Quality With Updated Guidelines


In an effort to clean up the marketplace content available on the Windows Phone, Microsoft has published some information on changes. If you are the owner of a Windows Phone (or any other smartphone for that matter) there can always be a clutter of useless, misinforming applications, but Microsoft is looking to clean them up. Todd Brix, over at the Windows Phone Developer Blog, … [Read more...]

Microsoft Launches iOS To WP7 API Mapping Tool, Guide For iPhone Developers & More

If you are an iPhone developer with an interest in WP7 development, you've probably noticed how different it is to write code compared to iPhone. Microsoft says not to worry, they have your back. Microsoft has launched a plethora of guides and tools to help iPhone developers port applications to Windows Phone 7. This is great news both for developers and consumers as it will … [Read more...]

New Chassis Specifications, Keeping The UX Great, And Biggest API Improvements


In closing with the MIX11 event this week, we have some more awesome information to post. We felt this is information you should definitely know about that's coming to Windows Phone 7. Although MIX11 was more focused on developers than consumers, you can't say consumers don't understand any of it, and the consumer definitely can imagine the possibilities. Before we continue, … [Read more...]