Amazon Offering Pretty Much Every Windows Phone For A Penny

Windows Phone sale

Amazon Wireless is wasting no time in starting up the Black Friday festivities, with sales on every Sprint, AT&T or Verizon phone they carry and have in stock. This price is for new lines of service. For AT&T customers, that does including adding a line of service to a family plan. As for Windows Phone, that includes a number of the newer models including the Samsung … [Read more...]

HTC 7 Trophy GSM Unlocked Windows Phone for $275 on New Egg

HTC 7 Trophy

With new devices on the horizon, we are starting to see some excellent deals on older Windows Phone handsets. First we saw the Dell Venue Pro available for $299 and today we find the HTC 7 Trophy (GSM model) on New Egg for $275. The CDMA variety was released in the US through Verizon, but this is the European GSM model. The HTC 7 Trophy sports a 3.8" display, 1 Ghz … [Read more...]

$25 Amazon Gift Card With Purchase Of Windows Phone


As if Amazon Wireless selling Windows Phone devices for pennies wasn't enough, now they give you a $25 gift card for purchasing a new one! From May 30, 2011 to JuneĀ 30, 2011 you will receive a $25 Gift Card code for your Windows Phone purchase via Amazon Wireless. Most Windows Phone devices available on Amazon Wireless are already listed at a price of $0.01 (with new 2-year … [Read more...]

Get Free 3 Month Zune Pass with AT&T Windows Phone Purchase


In addition to the great pricing on AT&T Windows Phone 7 phones, Microsoft is adding another incentive in the form of free music. When you purchase any AT&T Windows Phone, Microsoft will give you a free 3 month Zune Pass. Not only is that good for 30 credits for free music, but you can also download and listen to the mega library of music located in the Marketplace. The … [Read more...]