Deal Of The Week: The Harvest On Sale For $4.99


One of the original (and still great) Xbox LIVE games available on the Windows Phone, The Harvest, is now on sale for $4.99. Down from the regular $6.99 price for $2.00 off, this is a Deal of the Week well worth anyone's attention. Once you pick up The Harvest it's difficult to put down, it has a surprisingly extensive inventory, upgrades, and enemy system. It brings immersive … [Read more...]

Deal Of The Week: Z0MB1ES (on teh ph0ne) On Sale For $1.99


While many might not know how to deal with zombies in real life, the Xbox LIVE deal of the week might help them (on their Windows Phone at least). The Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week this week is Z0MB1ES (on teh ph0ne). The regular price of the Xbox LIVE game is $2.99, but for $1.00 off until next Tuesday, May 1st, you can get it for $1.99. Z0MB1ES has always received mixed … [Read more...]

Deal Of The Week: Kinectimals On Sale For $1.99


For $1.00 off, you can now get Xbox LIVE game Kinectimals for $1.99 on the Windows Phone marketplace. If you can't help but miss your Kinectimals when you're not home on your Xbox 360 Kinect, the Windows Phone version will rid you of such trauma. With Kinectimals on your Windows Phone you can even unlock five new cubs to meet and play with on your Xbox 360 console. Kinectimals … [Read more...]

Deal Of The Week: 3D Brick Breaker Revolution On Sale For $1.99


This week's Xbox LIVE Windows Phone Deal of the Week brings 3D Brick Breaker Revolution down to $1.99 ($1.00 off - regular price $2.99). With IonBallEX as the Deal of the Week about a month ago, if you gave into that deal, you got plenty more bang for your buck than 3D Brick Breaker Revolution, in our opinion at least. If you do prefer a simpler brick breaker game compared to … [Read more...]

Deal Of The Week: MiniSquadron On Sale For $1.99


The deal of the week this week brings MiniSquadron down $1.00 from the $2.99 price, on sale for $1.99 to be exact. MiniSquadron is indeed an addictive quick pick up and play game, especially for those of you that love unlocks with over 60 unique planes to discover. As proclaimed by the developer, MiniSquadron is a frantic shooter involving plenty of planes all trying to take … [Read more...]