Yahoo! Finally Fixes Their IMAP, Is Data Drain Done?

As of last week, Yahoo! still hadn't fixed their data vampire email problems, but finally Rafael Riviera is reporting that they've gotten around to patching the enormous bugs: After discovering the problem, I made it habit to log into Yahoo every few days, checking their “imapgate” software version. Today, I was pleasantly surprised to see they had upgraded from … [Read more...]

Is Yahoo’s Data Drain Still Going On?

In early February, the culprit of many user's ongoing data woes was identified: Yahoo! was to blame (though they deny that it's their fault). Unfortunately, it seems that they haven't fixed the problem yet. Rafael Riviera, the man who spotted the problem to begin with, is saying that Yahoo! haven't solved the problem yet, tweeting this: 34 days later, @Yahoo still hasn't … [Read more...]

Yahoo! Blames Microsoft For Data Woes

The official culprit in the phantom data saga has been identified, and now Yahoo! is on the defensive, trying to come out of this looking like it's not their fault. So they've done the only logical thing, and put all the blame on Microsoft. “Tens of millions of people check their Yahoo! Mail from their mobile device each day and we know they want their mobile mail experience … [Read more...]

Microsoft Identifies Data Hog, Yahoo! Mail To Blame

Alright folks, it appears the culprit in the ongoing phantom data problems has been fully identified. It was spotted by Rafael Rivera who managed to sniff out that Yahoo! Mail is sending about 25x as much data as it needs to, due to not handling FETCH requests properly. Microsoft has now confirmed that this is the issue, saying: We have determined that an inefficiency … [Read more...]

Tethering Homebrew Developed For HTC Phones

It's definitely a hack, not particularly elegant or simple, but it's tethering on an HTC WP7 phone. Discovered over on the XDA forums, here are the instructions for installing the xap: 1. Download XAP file in attach 2. Download HTC Sync for Android from HTC for USB Modem driver 3. Deploy XAP file to your phone 4. Turn of your Data conection in your phone. 5. Run DFRouter … [Read more...]