Windows Phone 7 May Not Have Copy Paste, But It Does Have Copy Search


A feature substantially less useful than the ability to copy and paste, instead WP7 sneaks in a "copy and search" function. While in Internet Explorer, you can tap on a word to highlight it, and if you then hit the search button, a Bing search will be performed on the word. Useful if you need to look something up I suppose. So they already have a method of highlighting text, … [Read more...]

Rumor: Windows Phone 7 To Get “Tuck And Paste”

When Microsoft showed off their since cancelled Courier prototype, one of the bits of design genius in it was "tuck and paste." Any piece of information you wanted to store away to use later, you dragged into the seam of the two-sided notebook, and pulled it out again when you needed it. According to MSFT Nerd, WP7 might be getting something similar. Instead of being tucked … [Read more...]

No Copy and Paste in Windows Phone 7 Series

The headline says it all and leaves us baffled. Engadget confirmed today via a Q&A session at MIX10 that "clipboard operations won't be supported on Windows Phone 7 Series". They are looking at enhancements, but copy & paste won't be a feature that's included in those holiday Windows 7 phones. via¬†Engadget … [Read more...]