Box Cloud Based Storage App, Now Available on Windows Phone

Box on Windows Phone

Those in the market for a cloud based storage application should be pleased to hear that Box has released an app for Windows Phone. The company is "betting" that Windows Phone will grab the the number three position among mobile operating systems and has put thrust behind support of the platform, along with support for the upcoming Windows 8 release. Matthew Self, vice … [Read more...]

Microsoft Releases SDK For Cloud Services


Microsoft has just released the Windows Phone 7 + Cloud Services SDK, which is designed to help with Project Hawaii, a student-centered initiative for cloud based services. Most of what it can do is not yet ready for the general public, but there are some cool features involved, including speech-to-text, OCR, a way to make phones communicate with one another without requiring … [Read more...]

New Windows Phone 7 Ad Shows Off The Cloud

Screen shot 2010-10-08 at 9.46.59 AM

Microsoft has just put out a new ad for WP7, showing off all the nifty stuff it can do on the cloud, like wireless syncing, phone location, XBox Live integration, streaming photos, all that wonderful stuff. I would have embedded the ad in this post, but Silverlight is a steaming pile of crap, and won't let me copy and paste the embed text for some reason. So you'll just have … [Read more...]