Google Calendar Now Supports Syncing With Windows Phone

Google has added support for syncing up to 25 calendars with Windows Phone 7.5 devices. Simply visit from your Windows Phone to start what is a very easy process. Select your device, the calendars you'd like to sync and then save. Within a half hour, all of your appointments and events from Google Calendar will show up on your Windows Phone. As an added bonus, … [Read more...]

Check Out Windows Phone 7’s Calendar

WMPU has just put up this great little look at the calendar app that's going to ship with WP7. I must admit, that looks damned good! Multiple calendar sources, slick interface, the ability to link it to people or places, all great features. I think this is also the first real look we've had at the date and time pickers, which put a uniquely WP7 spin on setting your time. The … [Read more...]