Dell Responds To Venue Pro Wi-Fi Issues

Dell Venue Pro users are having issues connecting to protected Wi-Fi networks, and Dell has done some research and found the cause: We have confirmed that the Wi-Fi connectivity issue that was reported in blogs like¬†Boy Genius Reportand¬†Ubergizmo resulted from a software glitch during Dell's … [Read more...]

Bug Causing Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, Zune to crash


There appears to be a bug affecting a number of Windows Phone 7 users that causes their phone to freeze when either downloading or searching for an app. One of our members describes the issue here and a number of users have the same issue on Microsoft's support forums. The only fix as mentioned by … [Read more...]

Dell Venue Pro, Others Experiencing WiFi Issues

Dell Venue Pro Wifi

According to several reader reports at BGR, Dell Venue Pro users are experiencing trouble connecting to a protected WiFi network. This issue might also be affecting HTC HD7 owners. Reader submissions complain they receive a message stating "your phone couldn't reach the Wi-Fi network". No … [Read more...]