Microsoft Says Error Blocked Browser App, More Are Encouraged

Following up from last week's reports of Microsoft not allowing a browser app into the marketplace, official word has come down that it was accidentally denied, and should have been let through. Here's the official comment by Brandon Watson of Microsoft: I wanted to add something here, as I run the developer platform team for Windows Phone. There was a tester error while … [Read more...]

Microsoft Not Allowing Other Browsers In Marketplace? [u]

While Microsoft doesn't explicitly disallow browsers in the WP7 marketplace, a developer duo just got their app rejected for just that reason. Daniel and Katka Vaughan were told that the reason their app wouldn't be allowed is because "failed testcase 2.1 because its primarily functionality is a web browsing experience." Does this mean that Microsoft will start disallowing … [Read more...]

Internet Explorer for Windows Phone 7 Kicks Ass, Takes Names

PocketNow have put up a rather long video looking at the most recent beta of Internet Explorer for Windows Phone 7. Even though this isn't the final version, it's still awesome. They pit it against Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS, and it holds its own, occasionally even beating out the more established competition. Keep in mind, this is on non-final software or … [Read more...]