Windows Phone Mango Not Yet RTM

Windows Phone Mango RTM

There have been rumors that Windows Phone Mango has been dubbed RTM, which is short for released to manufacturing. This essentially means the code is locked and OEM's can start using the OS build on new Windows Phone devices. This is not the case according to Microsoft's Brandon Watson who shared this humorous tweet late Friday. … [Read more...]

Expectation Bar Set Low for Mix 11’?

MIX 11'

This week brings Mix 11', a developer conference where you'll find a major focus on Windows Phone 7. Brandon Watson, who is the Director for Windows Phone 7, spoke about the conference this weekend on the official Windows Phone Radio podcast. Watson addressed the ChevronWP7.Updater situation, where he confirmed that Microsoft's stance was not FUD. “The net result is that … [Read more...]

Microsoft’s Brandon Watson On Developing For Windows Phone 7

Brandon Watson

Business Insider was able to sit down with Microsoft's Brandon Watson to discuss the companies plans to help developers become successful with the Windows Phone 7 platform. Watson is heavily involved in Microsoft's developer program and provides some insight into how developers can take advantage of the opportunies with Windows Phone 7. In more than one case, Microsoft has … [Read more...]