Best Buy Stocks HTC Surround, Where is the Samsung Focus?

Best Buy HTC Surround

If you're like me, you're plotting your place of purchase of your new Windows Phone 7 device on Monday. According to my local Best Buy (your mileage might vary), they won't have stock of the Samsung Focus on Monday. They are taking pre-orders for the HTC Surround, also an AT&T phone. If you visit Best Buy's website, you'll see the HTC Surround listed, but the Samsung Focus … [Read more...]

Best Buy Exclusively Gets HTC Surround


The only place you'll be able to get your hands on the HTC Surround will be via big box retailer Best Buy. In case you haven't been paying attention, the HTC Surround is the WP7 phone that has slide-out speakers, Dolby surround sound, and a built-in kick-stand, which makes it obviously a media-centered phone. It'll set you back $199 on a two year contract, and be available on … [Read more...]