HTC T8788 For AT&T Spotted, Remains Mysterious


Engadget, who are rapidly proving themselves kings of the WP7 leak, have obtained shots of the HTC T8788, though we don't know anything about it. We assume it'll get a more memorable name by the time it comes to stores, and it certainly looks sweet. The most obvious feature of this model is that it has a slide-out back, but instead of the usual speaker that you see on most … [Read more...]

The AT&T LG C900 Spotted In The Wild


Engadget is on fire today! Not only did they grab photos of the Samsung Cetus, but they also have shots of the LG C900, which we hadn't heard anything about up till now. Not only that, but miracle beyond all miracles, the photos are in focus! Not much information floating around on this model though. This is the first time we've seen carrier branding on the home screen. I … [Read more...]

AT&T And Microsoft Get Chummy For Windows Phone 7

AT&T has confirmed their commitment to WP7, promising to give it their full backing. "We'll be the premier carrier for Windows Phone 7," said a spokesperson talking to PCWorld. "We haven't given guidance on timing." Rumors are currently putting AT&T's purchasing order for WP7 devices at a whopping eight million phones — obviously Ma Bell is dedicated to the new … [Read more...]

AT&T on Windows Phone 7 Bandwagon To The Tune of 8 Million Devices

AT&T Windows Phone 7

Tech industry pundit Michael Gartenberg (via Twitter) is hearing from a trusted source that AT&T has signed up for 8 million devices powered by Windows Phone 7. HTC, Samsung are likely. Given the nature of a 140 character tweet, no information was given on timeframe. It could be 8 million for launch or 8 million for the first year. Still, it's clear that AT&T is … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Launch Materials Arriving at AT&T


While we eye that vague holiday release date, AT&T retail stores are starting to receive signage for Windows Phone 7. The signage is part of a July 24th overhaul. Engadget lets us know this is normal for devices that launch in September. Still, September is before the holidays, so that's good right? … [Read more...]