Downloadable Apps Coming To KIN, Microsoft and Verizon Defend Pricing

The KIN has been the subject of sharp criticism for it's quasi smartphone positioning. It's not a feature phone, but it's not a smartphone. Right now, it's positioned as a social networking phone. Sensing the criticism, Microsoft and Verizon defended the KIN and in doing so, provided some interesing information on the future of the platform. Once Windows 7 Phone is released, … [Read more...]

Twikini Twitter App Announced for Windows Mobile 7 Series

Mist Labs and Trinket Software have announced the first Twitter client for Windows Mobile 7 series. There are some semantics at play here, considering we saw Seesmic show off their Twitter client at Mix10. Twikini is one of the more popular Twitter clients for Windows Mobile, so it makes perfect sense to see them transition to Windows 7 Phone. The interesting part of … [Read more...]

Netflix for Windows Phone 7 Series Announced

At Mix 10 earlier today, Microsoft introduced a list of development partners for Windows Phone 7 Series. One of the development partners is Netflix. This isn't your standard application for updating your queue. The Netflix for Windows Phone 7 Series offers support for "Watch Now". No word yet on whether the app will be free and you will need a Netflix account. … [Read more...]

Everything Q Software Mobile Heist

For a limited time, you can save up to $20 on a select group of applications for the Motorola Q at the Everything Q Software Store. You can save up to 50% off on over 40 top selling applications for Windows Mobile Standard. The promotion includes such popular apps as PDANet, SmartTweaker and ExtremeText. Visit our Software Store for a complete list of programs being offered … [Read more...]

SplashData Announces All New SplashID 4 for Windows Mobile

SplashData today announced the launch of SplashID 4.0 password manager for Windows Mobile devices. The new version, released in July for Palm/Treo devices, offers a host of new features that enhance security, convenience and connectivity. "Whether the sensitive information you carry around with you on your mobile device is for business or personal use, all of us need to take … [Read more...]