Application updates and downloads on hold after Windows Phone Marketplace issues arise


Last week we saw the release of Sallys Spa on the Windows Phone Marketplace, but little did we know that a week-long app update/download issue would follow. If you noticed, last week there was apparently no Deal of the Week, and we will assume that is due to the recent Windows Phone Marketplace issue preventing about 100,000 applications from downloading/updating. To name a … [Read more...]

London 2012 Olympic Games application available on Windows Phone Marketplace


Developed by the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG), the London 2012 application is now available on the Windows Phone Marketplace. The application is intended to keep you up to date on all the Olympic events, scores, and more. This¬†is the official London 2012 Olympic Games application, so you are guaranteed to keep updated with accurate information. … [Read more...]

The best US news applications on the Windows Phone Marketplace, according to Nokia


Over at the Nokia Conversations blog, Jeppe has provided the best US news applications on the Windows Phone. The best part about this blog post over on Nokia Conversations is that all the best news applications are organized based on the actual categories of news they provide best. Therefore, you may find yourself downloading more than one news application, according to this … [Read more...]

T-Mobile announces Joyn RCS-e service for current and future Windows Phones


In a recent IFA Preview Event that took place in Munich, T-Mobile (in this case¬†Deutsche Telekom), gave insight on the future of their upcoming RCS-e service. The name of the service is Joyn, and part of the future insight was the fact that the service will be integrated into Windows Phone 8, and available as an application for older Windows Phone devices (Windows Phone … [Read more...]

Looking to make noise with your Windows Phone? Nokia has some applications just for you


Boc Ly, over at the Nokia Conversations blog, suffers from lack-of-instrument-talent like many of us in the world. That lack of talent has us resorting to easy alternatives, such as our smartphones. Mr. Ly not only put together a selection of instrument applications available on the Windows Phone, but these instruments are unique in their respective ways. Click the title of … [Read more...]