Amazon Announces Kindle App For Windows Phone 7


Amazon continues their strategy of getting a Kindle app on every smartphone on the planet by creating a WP7 version of their e-reader software. Like every other version of Kindle, it'll automatically sync your current location in a book, bookmarks and notes across all the versions you have, allowing you to switch easily from Kindle to phone to desktop and back. There are … [Read more...]

Amazon Offering HTC HD7 Pre-Order


Amazon Wireless is offering a pre-order on the HTC HD7 with T-Mobile service for $169.99. In addition, they are waiving the activation fee. Shipping is listed as 8-9 days, so where guessing that's based on the November 8th release date. You'll save a few dollars, but it's not clear if there is any guarantee you'll receive your new HTC HD7 on November 8th. If it were us, we'd … [Read more...]