MTV Advertises Windows Phone 7 App

MTV NEWS APP / WINDOWS PHONE 7 from Eli Schwanz on Vimeo. MTV have created an ad to bring some attention to their Windows Phone 7 app, which takes a number of familiar UI elements and incorporates them in the video. A large scrolling landscape, with partly off-screen labels? Yup, that sounds right! Now, cue all the jokes about how MTV used to actually play music. [via … [Read more...]

Check Out Three New WP7 Ads

Three new ads for WP7 from Microsoft went out recently. Each of these 15 second spots should be on your television sets in the near future, and all focus on the idea that Windows Phone 7 gives you all your information at a glance, and doesn't lead you to being sucked into your phone. Do you think this is an effective advertising campaign? Or is Microsoft being foolish by … [Read more...]

Isaiah Mustafah To Promote Windows Phone 7 In Australia

Isaiah Mustafah, aka the Old Spice Guy, aka the man your man could smell like, will be the face of WP7 in Australia in a new ad campaign. Kudos Microsoft, for once using an internet meme for advertising in a way that isn't completely cringe-worthy and stupid. This is much, much better than when Windows Live got the double rainbow guy in. [IStartedSomething, via WMPU] … [Read more...]

Two New Windows Phone 7 Spots “A Phone To Save Us From Our Phones”

Two new ads from Microsoft, selling the slightly schizophrenic message "a phone to save us from our phones," emphasizing quickly getting all the information that you need from WP7, then putting it away. Which seems to be at odds with today's keynote, which pushed heavy integration with all your friends, social networks, and games, as a device that pulls everything into one … [Read more...]

WindowsPhone YouTube Channel Gets Four Windows Phone 7 Vids

If you head over to the official WindowsPhone YouTube channel, there are four new videos for Windows Phone 7, and we've gone ahead and embedded them all, one above, and three more after the jump. ¬†They're called "Get in the Game", "Spell It Your Way", "Auto Corrections" and "Emoticons". [via WMPU] … [Read more...]