Acer Confirms Windows Phone 7 Handsets For 2011, Sep or Oct Release

Yesterday, we heard tell that Acer is actively planning WP7 phones for 2011, which has now been confirmed by the company itself. They talked to PocketLint, and we now know: An Acer spokesperson has confirmed to Pocket-lint that Acer will be joining the Windows Phone 7 party this autumn, with a September or October 2011 launch planned. Official confirmation? Excellent — … [Read more...]

Acer Will Produce WP7 Phones This Year

We've been patiently waiting for Acer to get off their rears and produce a WP7 phone since September, and if Digitimes is to be believed, we're going to have to wait a little while longer. While not a very precise statement, they're saying that Acer will produce a WP7 handset in 2011, though without giving any more information about when or where they will be available. Acer … [Read more...]

Acer Is Planning A Windows Phone 7 Device

We've heard rumblings of an Acer WP7 device before, and now in an interview with All Things Digital, Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci has outright confirmed it. Q: What prompted you guys at first to shift most of your energy to Android and then what is bringing you back to consider Windows Phone 7? A: We saw a lot of limitations on Windows Phone a couple of years ago and we moved to … [Read more...]

Sprint LG and Acer Windows Phone 7 Devices Hinted


Here's a two-for-one: two vaguely rumored devices that we know almost nothing about. This incredibly blurry picture above? It's supposedly of an unnamed LG Windows Phone 7 device for Sprint. We literally know nothing else, and that photo is way too blurry to make out details. The text above was pulled from a LinkedIn profile, and is the first rumor we've seen of an Acer … [Read more...]