Super Monkey Ball Receives Price Drop To $0.99

With the discovery of Super Monkey Ball 2 now comes a permanent price drop for the original Super Monkey Ball on Windows Phone. The price drop bring Super Monkey Ball all the way down to only $0.99, but it is up to you if you justify this price drop with the fact that the much improved sequel is due to arrive soon.

Super Monkey Ball has suffered since it was released on Windows Phone, with bugs, broken achievements, and even updates that removed features that were necessary to the game. Super Monkey Ball is an Xbox LIVE game, so if you want to see where it stands at the moment with its latest update then give the free trial a run. The average rating of Super Monkey Ball on the marketplace is currently 2.5 stars out of 5, with 364 ratings. Like we said, it had a rough run, everyone expects the sequel to recover all this.

Download Link: Super Monkey Ball


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