Super Monkey Ball 2 – Sakura Edition Now Available On Windows Phone Marketplace

Super Monkey Ball 2 – Sakura Edition is now available on the Windows Phone marketplace, we give you the quick answer if it makes up for the frustrating original port of Super Monkey Ball on the Windows Phone. Short answer, it does not make up for the original; users of Super Monkey Ball 2 are already filing in complaints about still-wacky controls and difficult to use tilt mechanics.

Difficulty still remains high, with some accomplishments in the game requiring full 10-level-runs if you fail to accomplish the goal. Super Monkey Ball clearly believes in a try-hard system, difficult is high, no retries, and no restarts on any levels. You fail, you have to do it all over again.

Originally, we assumed Super Monkey Ball 2 would have local WiFi multiplayer support, considering the iOS version does. Guess what, nope no local WiFi multiplayer here, simply pass-and-play multiplayer. Huge let down! If there was anything positive to come out of this game it was at least the fact that it would have WiFi multiplayer support, the same as other platforms with the same version.

Super Monkey Ball 2 is published by SEGA as version, download size of 132 MB, and supported languages of Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, and 日本語. You can check out the true-to-the-original sequel of Super Monkey Ball with the free trial, since it is an Xbox LIVE game. If you want to deal with all the letdowns, you can purchased Super Monkey Ball 2 – Sakura Edition for $2.99 right now on the Windows Phone marketplace.

Download Link: SMB2-SE

Publisher’s Description

Super Monkey Ball™ is back. Everyone’s favorite monkeys keep the ball rolling with this exclusive version of the arcade to console classic for your smartphone.

Roll around the Far East, as you tilt and steer one of four adorable monkeys through 125 themed mazes and a beautiful world of cherry blossoms. Just grab your bananas along the way to earn extra lives before time runs out. It’s so easy to play, even a monkey could do it!!


Play as one of 4 adorable Monkeys: Aiai, MeeMee, Baby, and GonGon

JUST ROLL WITH IT: 6 Worlds, 125 Themed Stages
Sinking Swamps, Cobalt Caverns, Ultra Heaven, Jumble Jungle and Pirate’s Ocean. Includes 10 stages from the exotic Far East World.

Play 3 additional Mini Games:

Monkey Target: Guide your monkey to the bull’s-eye, launch into the sky and grab as many bananas as you can.
Monkey Golf: Monkeys play golf .. who knew? Grab your clubs and tee off with 18 holes of banana bliss.
Monkey Bowl: One of the original mini games returns for ten frames of monkey ten-pin bowling madness!

New environmental effects that bring stunning and colorful 3D worlds to life.



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