ST-Ericsson Prepared to Offer Chipsets with Nokia WP7 Devices

In an interview by Reuters at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Greg Sullivan, a senior product manager at Microsoft, stated “Adding support to new hardware … is absolutely part of our strategy.”

With that statement, ST-Ericsson (STMicroelectronics and Ericsson) announced at the trade show that they will have chipsets available for Nokia WP7 Devices. ST-Ericsson is a rival to larger chipset manufacturer Qualcomm, and is a major supplier to supplier to Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung Electronics. The Nokia WP7 Devices are expected to release close to the end of 2011. ST-Ericsson says it will have plenty of product to integrate with every Nokia branded device once production commences.

With the new Nokia Microsoft merge announced at MWC, also come followings from already dedicated companies to Nokia. ST-Ericsson Chief Executive Gilles Delfassy was also interviewed. Delfassy stated that although Qualcomm has the majority of chipsets integrated at the moment into devices, he does not see that exclusivity remaining.

Williams Financial Group analyst Cody Acree said being only on Qualcomm would likely stifle the competiveness of Windows phones.

“If you only have a single source there’s no pricing competition. If you want the best phones with the best prices you’re going to want more than one supplier,” Acree said. [From Source Article]

What is your opinion on having different chipsets available on different devices?


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