Sony Ericsson Will Enter Windows Phone OS Only If It Takes Off


Japanese-Swedish cell phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson has had it rough, but recently it has turned to the Android market and success is promising. Jan Uddenfeldt, chief technology officer and head of Sony Ericsson Silicon Valley, recently spoke at Sony Ericsson’s annual Business Innovations Forum at Stanford University on May 10, 2011. Although the company still doesn’t have a large enough market share, Uddenfeldt believes in the company tripling its market share in the near future.

Sony Ericsson is relying on Xperia and Android alone to drive growth, focusing on gaming to take a larger market share. Sony Ericsson announced six Xperia phones set to run on the Android Gingerbread OS. The Xperia Play is the first PlayStation certified phone to be released by Sony Ericsson. Sony Ericsson is determined that the phone will succeed in gaming, with full access to the PlayStation games library as downloadable versions and a slide-out PlayStation controller. No release date has been announced yet, but AT&T and Verizon are set to carry it on release.

Uddenfeldt touched on the topic that interests us, Windows Phone devices. He mentioned that although Android is currently the main focus, doors will be open for Windows Phone OS. He clarified, however, that they will only move into Windows Phone if it takes off. Sony Ericsson announced in September that it will cease Symbian device production, and they did previously manufacture Windows Mobile OS devices. Only time will tell as to what exactly will qualify for Sony Ericsson as the moment where Windows Phone OS has ‘taken off.’

With such a large focus on gaming at the moment for Sony Ericsson, if they do enter the Windows Phone realm, will their focus still remain on gaming devices? A Windows Phone with a bigger screen and Xbox controller pad similar to Xperia Play definitely sounds interesting.

What would you expect from Sony Ericsson if they were to make a Windows Phone device?


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