Sony Ericsson Sticking With Android, Leaves Door Open for Windows Phone 7

Several hardware manufacturers have committed to Windows Phone 7, but it appears Sony Ericcsson isn’t ready to build a Windows Phone 7 device. The company appears ready to stick with Android phones for the near future, but leaving the door open for Windows Phone 7.
Sony Ericsson Windows Phone 7

“We’ve done a lot of work with Microsoft over the years. We’ve launched a number of 6.xx products, but we made a decision not to bring a product to market in the first wave. We absolutely maintain to keep an open mind towards Windows Phone 7. We continue to engage in a relationship with Microsoft, but we haven’t made any concrete announcement about when and how we would introduce Windows Phone 7 into the portfolio”.

Sony Ericcson hasn’t been wildly successful with Android, nor do we remember any breakthrough handsets from their Windows Mobile days. The real question is when Motorola will decide to jump back on board with Windows Phone.


  1. Moka says

    the Sony Android phones are just terrible! slow and buggy! if that’s what they’re going to bring to WP7, they better stay with Android! :)

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