Small Windows Phone 7.8 versus Windows Phone 8 feature comparison leaks

In a feature comparison supposedly leaked and posted up at, we get an idea of some more differences between the Windows Phone 7.8 and Windows Phone 8 updates. Both updates are set to release later this year. Some of the “leaked” features are kind of common sense, or already known, while others are a surprise.

As you’ll notice in the image attached, there are many features which will be unique in their own way to each update. WP7.8 will remain with IE9 on board, while WP8 will receive the fresh and probably much faster IE10 browser. Skype will not receive integration on WP7.8, while Windows Phone 8 will receive Skype integration. The future of Skype was already known in some form to turn out this way, considering it would probably be best to reserve integration for more powerful devices.

Windows Phone 8, with more power, storage options, etc. will receive more voice commands over Windows Phone 7.8. It seems DataSmart will actually be built-in to WP8, while Windows Phone 7.8 will have it remain as an application. The list goes on and on in such manner where Windows Phone 7.8 will essentially get the appetizer of features, while Windows Phone 8 will offer everything there is on the Windows Phone platform.

If you’re wondering what Bing Audio with “improved recognition TV” is, it refers to integration with Bing Audio that works similar to Shazam but for television content instead. Of course, more information will come on that feature with due time.

We want to clarify that the feature comparison supposedly leaked in this article may or may not be accurate, therefore treat this as a rumor for now. Also, not all features in this article are necessarily the only big features coming with each respective update. There is still much more to be discovered about both the Windows Phone 7.8 and Windows Phone 8 updates respectively.


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