Skype No Longer Available On Nokia Lumia 610

Despite the fact that Nokia performed some testing and claimed the application works just fine, Skype is no longer available for download on the Lumia 610. Although Nokia “proved” that the Skype application works fine on the Lumia 610, Skype performed extensive testing to assure these claims. Skype performed the tests in communication with Nokia, so as not to point fingers at who is wrong and who is right. Skype and Nokia came to the conclusion that, whether it is because of the RAM or not, the Lumia 610 does not provide a worthy Skype experience at the moment.

Nokia attaches great importance to the introduction of the user experience of products and services, even if Skype on Nokia Lumia 610 Windows Phone version can be used, but after extensive testing, we found does not guarantee to the user experience of Nokia and Skype expected levels. Therefore, we do not recommend users to use Skype on the Nokia Lumia 610.

However, if you do own or plan to own a Lumia 610, do not be discouraged. As mentioned before, Microsoft has been heavily optimizing the Skype application for future updates since it’s release. This optimization has been specifically noted to allow more devices to run the Skype application, and much faster at that. Rest assured, you will be able to use Skype in some form, at some point, with your Lumia 610. At least we hope that’s what Microsoft is planning.

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