SkyDrive Windows Phone Application Goes 2.0 – Get Your Free 25 GB Storage Capacity

With many changes having recently been implemented into the web/desktop version of SkyDrive, it’s about time the Windows Phone application gets a corresponding update. SkyDrive on the Windows Phone has been updated to version 2.0 which brings batch-selection (for bulk deleting/moving files), short URL sharing capability, new dialog options and menus, and permission editing. With permissions, easy sharing, and short URLs, you can directly share files, images, and more directly with your Windows Phone contacts. Genius!

Click here to download SkyDrive on your Windows Phone.

The SkyDrive application is free to use, but coinciding with this Windows Phone application update, Microsoft has announced that SkyDrive storage will be reduced to a 7 GB maximum. This reduction in maximum storage space is implemented in respect to new storage plans being offered. Now, Microsoft wasn’t cool with messing with loyal SkyDrive users like that, so if you’ve been a “loyal SkyDrive user” you can actually request a free 25 GB SkyDrive capacity maximum. Microsoft didn’t exactly detail what qualifies you as loyal, but we assume it probably means you’ve at least created your SkyDrive account long before the past couple of days.

To view the new SkyDrive storage options available with the new 7 GB capacity, and to request your loyalty-exclusive 25 GB free click here.


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