SkyDrive Integration And DataSmart Windows Phone 8 Consumer Features Revealed

Paul Thurrott gave his own unveiling of Windows Phone 8 through his Supersite for Windows, and through his unveiling he gave some exclusive information on Windows Phone 8 features. The two features are SkyDrive integration and a new DataSmart application. We detail both of them down below, as described by Paul Thurrott.

SkyDrive integration, from what has been revealed, will be fully integrated in Windows Phone 8. This integration involves accessing files quickly and easily from SkyDrive. Music and videos will also be accessible through the new Xbox Music and Xbox Video applications (ie. hubs). SkyDrive will also allow you to access your Windows Phone’s storage, just as if you had your phone connected to your computer, except you are using the SkyDrive cloud for it all.

You’ll be able to use SkyDrive not just for documents and pictures, but also for music and videos, and access them directly from new Xbox Music and Xbox Video apps. You will also be able to navigate into your phone’s storage using the SkyDrive devices functionality, just as you can with Windows PCs, and copy content (like camera-taken photos) back and forth seamlessly.

The new “DataSmart” application, as it appears on the screenshots below, is literally focused on helping users monitor and manage data usage. This is done through the following methods (so far):

First, Windows Phone 8 reduces the amount of data it transmits, by handing off to Wi-Fi whenever possible and by using a new cloud-based browser proxy service that limits the amount of data used by Internet Explorer 10 and apps by compressing web traffic. Microsoft says that this proxy service […] saves about 30 percent in bandwidth usage.

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