Six Weeks Of “Must Have Games” Begins May 25

Microsoft is on point with their initial announcement of six weeks of “Must Have Games” coming to the Windows Phone. Initially, they made the announcement with a set date of May 25, and on that day exactly, the six weeks of six games begins. The official word from the Xbox division working on the launch of the six games has been given, along with pricing and release dates for each.

May 25—Hydro Thunder Go

The remake of the acclaimed arcade classic. Blast through 12 ferocious courses with the powerboat of your choice while competing against 15 devious opponents. Microsoft Game Studios. $4.99.

HydroThunder Go arrives May 25

June 1—Doodle Jump

Leap from platform to platform using springs, propeller hats and jet packs. Avoid broken platforms, menacing black holes, UFOs, and baddies by blasting them with your nose balls. GameHouse. $2.99.

Doodle Jump arrives June 1

June 8—geoDefense

Obliterate a horde of vibrant, vector-styled enemies in this fast-paced tower defense game. Microsoft Game Studios. $2.99.

geoDefense arrives June 8

June 15—Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I

Dr. Eggman’s back in an effort to finally rid himself of Sonic. The next chapter in this long-running SEGA saga will please old and new fans alike. SEGA. $6.99.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I arrives June 15

June 22—Plants vs Zombies

You’ll need to think fast and plant faster in this mega-hit war against the fun-dead. Five game modes helps ensure the fun never dies. PopCap. $4.99.

Plants vs Zombies arrives June 22

June 29—Angry Birds

Dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the birds’ eggs. The Windows Phone edition features hours of challenging physics-based gameplay and 195 levels. Rovio. $2.99.

Angry Birds arrives June 29


There you have it, the full lineup of some of the most popular mobile/arcade games coming right to the Windows Phone OS. Which game(s) are you going to purchase on day one of release? What do you think about the pricing of each game from the “Must Have Games” lineup?

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  1. John says

    Should have been called 7 weeks of must have games considering they just released Pac-Man Championship DX a week before this promotion officially begins.

    Pac-Man DX was one of the highest rated games of last year on Xbox Live Arcade. Crazy not to count it.

  2. Tommy says

    I’m all over hydro thunder and Angry birds. I would be checking out more if the prices weren’t so damn high still.

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