Select Manufacturer And Samsung Focus 1.4 Updates Rolling Out

Erica Hautala posted over at the Windows Phone Blog that the Samsung Focus 1.4 updates are now officially rolling out for those users on AT&T. Samsung Omnia 7 users are currently in scheduling for Telefonica in Spain, reassuring that the scheduling process will be expedited.

Select manufacturer updates are also now being rolled out for specific Windows Phone models. Hautala has no details on which models are receiving manufacturer updates, but sources say that Samsung Focus devices are receiving a post-Mango update already. He did provide this to say about the manufacturer updates:

As I’ve mentioned before, these updates improve the overall function of your particular make and model of Windows Phone. You’ll see these firmware updates from time to time; they’re easy to recognize because the update information in the Zune software shows your device name. If you get one, I encourage you to install it.

Finally, some information on what Microsoft is doing about bug reports and other feedback going around the net post-Windows Phone 7.5:

Finally, we’re always paying close attention to your feedback on Windows Phone 7.5—especially when it comes to bug reports. In that spirit, customers of Vodafone, Orange, and Deutsche Telekom in Europe will start seeing notifications for a new Windows Phone service release called 7740 that fixes an issue with new voice mail notifications not appearing for customers on some European and Asian networks under certain conditions. It also fixes an email issue associated with Exchange Server 2003. This service release is being assessed by other mobile operators. You can learn more about it here.

Eric Hautala promises to post again next week with a usual update on the updates now being rolled out, including (hopefully) news on Telefonica Spain users with Omnia 7 devices.

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